complete communications

An Advanced Portal that serves as the one main communications gateway for all employees, franchisees or dealers. Linking your company’s daily communications, FYI’s, marketing material and corporate messages, the CVC ePortal is your company’s central point for all communications. From links to ordering supplies to housing of training content and tracking participation, ePortal is the one easy to use place everyone goes – everyday.

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smart learning

The CVC LMS is our proprietary software application for the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of: training programs, e-learning programs, training content & learning paths. Affordable with no per user cost the CVC LMS is your best option for your company wide online training program.

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eQ Learning Modules for online training

Designed to be modular and easily updateable, the eQ series of online modules offer flexible and cost-effective training to keep employees, franchisees or dealers aligned and highly productive. Your organization will benefit with strong brand execution and consistent, quality service delivery across all areas of your company.

The eQ eLearning Module is designed for clients who require a basic online course and already have content and material ready to go. From your supplied material, we convert it and upload it to any SCORM LMS. We then test it to ensure it’s working correctly. That’s it. We do it for Allstate, Chrysler and many others. Fast, accurate and extremely cost effective eQ eLearning is indeed the smarter course.

eQ Plus eLearning modules reach your employees with your training content inexpensively and efficiently. eQ Plus updates and refreshes your training material into an renewed effective online module. Complete with enhanced visuals, a finished voice over soundtrack & music. If you need video, simply select the CVC eClips Video option that meets your needs. Improve performance and change behaviour with eQ Plus. Simple. Smart.

eQ Total offers full script to screen development and creation of your eLearning module. Complete creative, design and programming, Total eClips ensures your learning objectives are met – totally.  Integrate our eClips video options to enhance your content even further.