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The ePRO video format provides short, powerful 30-90 second explainer videos for multiple topics – multiple audiences. ePRO is a collaborative cost-effective process – you supply the script outline and existing support visuals available (brochure, video & picture files,) – CVC does the rest.

Moving graphics, text & stock images, combined with professional voice narration & music, creates a quick, powerful video that delivers Marketing & Employee Communications content.

The leap from Print to Video has never been more affordable.
  • 2 min in length
  • Professional voice over narration & music track
  • Capture client supplied photo files/video
  • Client to supply script from CVC template
  • 10 hrs. Digital edit
  • 2 sets of revisions
  • 1 format final output

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Today’s successful brands realize the importance of strong communications to their bottom line success. Whether its internally-focused communications to keep your employees trained, aligned and inspired – or externally-focused communications to advertise, attract and engage your customers. At CVC we have over 40 years of experience and expertise to cross both disciplines of communication and execute that vision through our in-house digital production division. This offers our clients true “Full Circle Communications” solutions.

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